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Portfolio: Creative Video / Marc Goldstein

Creative Video Productions has produced projects for companies, organizations and individuals in nearly every genre, including Corporate, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Training, Medical, Education, Broadcast, Consumer, Not for Profit, Faith-based, Government, Disaster, Sports, Commercials, PSAs, and some of that wacky stuff I mentioned earlier.  Here are a few examples.

2016 Washington Mardi Gras Snowball Fight

Heroes of Harding Field

Volunteers of America

Our Lady of the Lake

Our Lady of the Lake

City of Baton Rouge

New Orleans Saints

2016 Washington Mardi Gras Highlights

Williams Fire and Hazard Control

Dow Chemical


Jr. League/Storytime

A View From Above

2014 Mardi Gras Highlights

I CAN DO THAT Highlights

2010 Mardi Gras Highlights

Alzheimer's Services

Alzheimer's Services


Stupp Spiral Mill

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